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Dutch Bros (NYSE: BROS) stock appears to have started off its life as a public company on the wrong foot. It sells today at a 68% discount to the all-time high it set soon after it went public in the fall of 2021

Still, even as investors were bidding down the stock, Dutch Bros was pushing headlong into its nationwide expansion plan, adding coffee shops at a rapid clip and growing revenue. This growth, along with other factors, should bode well for the coffee stock over time.

The state of Dutch Bros stock

Dutch Bros appears to have been a victim of the 2022 bear market. This was unfortunate timing on the company’s part as its stock launched near the peak of a bull market.

However, the stock price behavior seems to offer the characteristics one might look for in a bear market stock. After a massive drop in 2022, Dutch Bros struggled with range-bound trading as the sluggish economy weighed on investor confidence.

Moreover, the coffee market is highly competitive. Aside from industry giant Starbucks, it must also compete with privately held chains such as Dunkin’ and countless independent coffee shops. Furthermore, McDonald’s has begun to build a beverage-focused chain called CosMc’s, and its first location in the Chicago area has shown early signs of success.

In that environment, Dutch Bros stock rose by just over 10% over the last year, though at some points in early 2023, it was up by more than 40%.

BROS Chart

Nonetheless, Dutch Bros carried on almost as if it was unaffected by these challenges and continued expanding. As of the end of the third quarter, its shop count had grown to 794 as it added 153 locations over the previous 12 months, an increase of 24%.

Dutch Bros by the numbers

The company’s financials show the fruits of that expansion. In the first three quarters of 2023, revenue rose 32% year over year to $712 million. That included a 4% increase in same-shop sales.

Moreover, it began reporting profitable quarters in 2022, which mainly continued into the following year. In the first nine months of 2023, its net income was $14 million, compared to a $16 million…


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