110K join Discord of Twitch founder’s new NFT gaming marketplace

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new blockchain gaming-focused nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace on Thursday dubbed Fractal.

Fractal’s Discord group has since amassed more than 111,000 members despite only being announced two weeks ago. At the time of writing, it appears that the most significant sale on the platform so far was for a “Baby Scoot” NFT that went for 4 Solana (SOL) worth roughly $680.

The Solana-based marketplace enables users to buy, trade and hold NFTs used in blockchain games. In an announcement made on Thursday, the firm unveiled its first partnered blockchain games, including The Sandbox, Nyan Heroes, Caveworld and Genopets, to name a few.

first of all: we are live https://t.co/y2yO4R7Ty2

— fractal ❄️ (@fractalwagmi) December 30, 2021

As part of the announcement, Kan labeled the 111,000-strong Fractal community as one of the “fastest-growing” in crypto and added:

“Durable digital assets through NFTs are the future of gaming. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative gaming companies on the Solana blockchain to bring that future forward.”

“Players are excited about blockchain games and we’re excited about all the new experiences that will be enabled by them,” he added.

In a separate blog post, Fractal also revealed that it would be airdropping 100,000 Fractal NFTs to its members, teasing that they may hold governance rights over the marketplace and provide in-game benefits in the future.

“Fractals will come with benefits both on the Fractal marketplace and within our community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in the future, they may grant special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain-based games, or unlock the doors to exciting new worlds ripe for exploring,” the post reads.

Fractal also hinted that it would eventually expand support to other blockchains, with Ethereum likely to be the next in line considering that The Sandbox metaverse project is built on the network.

As it stands, users are…


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