2 Big Dividend Stocks Yielding at Least 8%; Raymond James Says ‘Buy’

Are markets down, or up? Stocks went into a true bear market earlier this year, but the last few weeks have seen a strong rally. The S&P 500 has gained 13% from its mid-June trough, and the NASDAQ is up 19%. Put shortly, the last few weeks have been good for investors.

This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re out of the woods. There are plenty of roadblocks still ahead to trip up an unwary investors, and Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam, from Raymond James, doesn’t hesitate to lay them out.

“Investors should expect some challenging months ahead as we navigate uncertainty around global inflationary pressures coming from the continuing pandemic; Chinese lockdowns, which could constrain supply chains further; the Russia-Ukraine war and its implications on energy; as well as ‘noisy’ data,” Adam said.

Given that situation, investors would do well to make defensive plays, and Raymond James 5-star analysts are pointing out some big dividend stocks for just that. These are div players offering yields of 8% or better, and according to the analysts, they also offer double-digit upside potential. We’ve ran them both through TipRanks database to see what other Wall Street’s analysts have to say about them. Let’s take a closer look.

Camping World Holdings (CWH)

We’ll start with Camping World Holdings, a leader in the recreational vehicle (RV) niche. The company offers a full range of RVs, accessories, supporting gear, and related products, such as boating and water sports vessels and gear.

This company’s sales and revenues recovered quickly from the pandemic crisis of 2020, and showed a strong rebound in 2021. Performance in 2022 is down slightly from those rebound levels, but remains elevated compared to pre-pandemic numbers. A look at the most recent quarterly release, from 2Q22, will tell the tale.

At the headline, Camping World reported its Q2 top line as the ‘second strongest second quarter earnings since inception.’ The current revenue came in at just under $2.2 billion, up $106.8 million, or some 5%, year-over-year. On earnings, the company saw a drop…


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