2 Electric Vehicle Stocks Under $10 That Analysts Like

Over the past year and a half, the Biden Administration has shown a consistent policy bent toward the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs). This has given EV manufacturers openings for new contracts with Federal, state, and local level government agencies. More importantly, the Administration has publicly backed Federal funding for a massive build-out of EV charging infrastructure. This provides a real opening for investors.

The modern EV industry is young, and provides investors with an array of public companies to choose from. These range from Musk’s Tesla to smaller firms focused on new designs that have not yet left the drawing board to specialized companies building everything from vehicles chargers to battery management tech to drive vehicle components.

Against this backdrop, we used TipRanks’ database to find two compelling EV stocks, according to Wall Street analysts. Both tickers are priced affordably, under $10 each, and boast a Moderate or Strong Buy consensus rating. And best of all, these stocks could climb over 60% higher in the year ahead.


We’ll start with ADS-TEC Energy, a B2B company with global reach. The firm is heavily involved in renewable energy, especially the use of electrical infrastructure to link various sectors of the energy industry. At its heart, ADS-TEC works on the development, manufacture, and servicing of intelligent battery buffer systems to ease the transition out of today’s energy ecosystem. The company’s technology and products are invaluable in battery management, and from there the link to electric vehicles is clear.

One of ADS-TEC’s key technologies is ‘ultra-fast-charging,’ a mode of high-power, high-end battery charging capable of delivering up to 320 kilowatts within minutes instead of hours. The battery-integrated high-power system in an integral part of ADS-TEC’s ChargeBox, ChargePost, and ChargeTrailer products, a family of EV charging units designed to make EV usage as easy and convenient as gasoline-powered cars are today. The charging line can be retrofitted to existing EV…


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