2 High-Yield Dividend Stocks From the Best Analyst on Wall Street

For the average investor, the stock markets present a bewildering array of data points: there are nearly 10,000 publicly traded companies and almost 8,000 professional analysts on Wall Street who build their careers making sense of the myriad trendlines traced out by the stocks and indexes.

Those Wall Street pros are the logical people to turn to for market advice, and their reports and opinions are readily available – published by major investment firms, or drawn out by interviewers for print, video, and online media. But can you just take their word? With so many analysts to choose from, how do you know that you’re listening to Wall Street’s best analysts?

Fortunately, the data algorithms at TipRanks have sorted out the analysts by a variety of factors, and listed them by their overall ratings. Checking out the top Wall Street analysts, we find that one stock expert, Vincent Lovaglio of Mizuho Securities, is standing high above his peers.

His top rating is based on a combination of his overall success rate – which currently stands at 98% – and the average return his recommendations have brought over the past year – a high 73%. It’s easy to see why Lovaglio stands out.

Now we can put him to the test. Two of Lovaglio’s recent stock picks are high-yield dividend payers, offering investors a steady income stream that beats the average dividend by a wide margin. Are these the right stocks for your portfolio? Let’s take a closer look.

Devon Energy (DVN)

The first of Lovaglio’s picks we’ll look at is Devon Energy, a resident company of the oil and gas industry. Based in Oklahoma City, Devon is one of the largest independent hydrocarbon exploration and production companies in the US onshore sector. Devon has operations in five states – Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas – but its largest effort is in the Delaware Basin on the Texas-New Mexico border region. All of Devon’s ops are located in top-tier production regions.

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Devon brings significant resources to its development projects. It’s $50 billion market cap gives…


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