2 Stocks Raymond James Says Are Ready to Surge 60% or Higher

Anyone feeling dizzy from the recent market gyrations? Volatility is back on the menu in a big way. The past week saw strong moves in both directions, with the bears ultimately in control, culminating in Friday’s rout. After charging ahead for most of the year, the main indexes have been on the backfoot recently, with the market getting jittery over Omicron variant fears and the Fed’s hawkish turn. Friday’s seemingly disappointing jobs report further fanned the flames of doubt.

Nevertheless, even amidst the uncertainty, there are always opportunities for investors willing to seek them out.

The analysts at Raymond James have picked out 2 stocks which they believe are primed to jump higher, on the order of 60% or better. We’ve used the TipRanks platform to look up the latest data on those picks; turns out the Street sees plenty of upside too.

Cushman & Wakefield (CWK)

So let’s start with a real estate company. Cushman & Wakefield is a global player in commercial real estate services, and is one of the world’s largest such firms, with total revenue last year of $7.8 billion. The company’s revenue is supported by a large portion of annual recurring fees, but it is also exposed to market cyclicity. As a result, the stock is more likely to gain during the bull runs than more stable investments such as real estate investment trusts.

Year-to-date, C & W shares have gained 27%, outpacing the S&P’s 21% gain. The share gains have come as the top line has risen steadily through the year. Revenues in Q1 were reported at $1.9 billion; in Q3, revenues came in at $2.3 billion, also representing a gain of 20% yoy. Of the total quarterly revenue, $1.7 billion was incurred from fees, up 28% from the prior year. EPS for the third quarter was 34 cents, down from 50 cents in Q2 but up dramatically from the 4 cents reported in 3Q20.

Cushman & Wakefield is always on the lookout to expand in creative directions, and in October of this year the company announced a partnership with WeWork, the flexible shared workspace company. The partnership includes an investment by C & W…


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