3 times in March that savvy crypto traders bought breaking news for the price of a rumor

As an old saying goes: Buy the rumor, sell the news.

As a digital-native asset class, the prices of cryptocurrencies are clearly susceptible to market-moving news developments that instantly spread on the internet. Staying on top of bullish announcements can help crypto traders reap huge gains, but navigating the crypto news landscape can be daunting.

Two major roadblocks get in the way: the abundance of potentially relevant information and the difficulty of making sure one is always among the first to learn the news that really matters. Extensive research shows that three types of crypto-related developments move digital asset prices most consistently: listings, staking announcements and big partnerships. This insight somewhat narrows down the scope of the developments that will most interest traders.

Now, what is the best way for crypto folks to ensure that they get to the potentially consequential stories before the rest of the pack? There is no shortage of technological solutions, from carefully curating one’s list of Twitter alerts to various crypto data terminals.

The subscribers of Cointelegraph’s proprietary data intelligence platform, Markets Pro, have it easy. They get access to NewsQuakes™ — a machine learning service that constantly monitors thousands of primary sources and automatically notifies the Cointelegraph Markets Pro community within minutes or even seconds of publication.

Here are three examples of how Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers could have capitalized on the power of NewsQuakes™ in March.

ANC: Staking program announcement kicks off a rally

ANC price (white), March 2–8. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Staking announcements can be powerful market movers, especially when a staking program for an asset launches on a major platform and comes with attractive terms. Anchor Protocol’s launch on Binance Staking with up to 40% annual percentage yield on ANC fit the bill perfectly.

The announcement, delivered to Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers as a near-instant NewsQuake™, was sourced from Binance’s Twitter account. The token was trading at $3.79 when the news hit,…



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