Biden Goes All-In on Clean Energy; Goldman Sachs Says These 2 Stocks Are Set to Gain

Recent months have made it clear that the Biden Administration’s embrace of the ‘Green Economy,’ and especially the clean energy sector, is far more than just skin deep.

The administration, from the Inflation Reduction Act signed last August to more recent multi-billion-dollar funding initiatives, has been going all-in on clean energy. The Biden White House has been promoting electric vehicles, pushing for solar and wind-powered energy production, and implementing tax and regulatory incentives to accelerate the shift from fossil fuel-powered energy to green alternatives.

Solar power has long been a favorite of the green energy lobby, and these developments are providing a direct boost to solar energy companies. As the demand for renewable energy continues to surge, solar energy companies are experiencing increased investment and growth.

Watching the sector from Goldman Sachs, 5-star analyst and clean energy expert Brian Lee has picked out 2 stocks in particular that are poised to benefit from the Biden Administration’s policies. Both are leaders in the solar power sector, and are strongly positioned to hold their leadership niches into the coming years.

SolarEdge Technologies (SEDG)

The first Goldman choice is SolarEdge Technologies, a company on the leading edge of the microinverter niche market. Microinverters are an essential piece of photovoltaic power generation installations as they convert the DC electrical current produced by the panels into AC current that is usable in household systems and the local power grids. SolarEdge has a true edge in this field, with approximately 40% market share in the US microinverter business.

In addition to microinverters, SolarEdge has its hand in a wide array of solar technology product lines. The company produces monitoring systems for photovoltaic installations, power optimizers, and even specialized solar-powered EV charging stations for residential use. SolarEdge sells these products directly to residential and commercial markets, with its customer base including retail customers, building owners, small…


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