Billionaire Israel Englander Bets on These 2 High-Yield Dividend Stocks

If there’s one thing certain, it’s that markets are unpredictable – and that unpredictability is increasing. This past week has seen the sharpest day-to-day volatility on Wall Street since 2020. In an added complication, the reasons are multiplying: high inflation is rising higher, wages are not keeping up, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has started Europe’s largest war since 1945, and energy and food commodities – key ingredients in the inflation mix – are sure to rise in price as a result of that fighting.

All of this is enough to get investors’ heads spinning. And it’s sure to have investors looking for some clear signal regarding stock choices. One source for such signals: the market’s legendary investors. The billionaire hedge managers have built up their funds to enormous dimensions, and made personal fortunes as well – and the average retail investor can take a page or two from those books.

Few names are as attached to such long-term hedge success as Izzy Englander. The founder of the Millennium fund – which he started with $35 million in 1989, now manages over $196 billion, and has a reputation for generating high profits. Even in the ‘corona year’ of 2020, Englander’s fund saw returns to investors of $10.2 billion. Englander himself has amassed a personal fortune of more than $10 billion.

Regular SEC filings show the moves that Englander has made, through the Millennium Fund. It’s interesting to note that he’s moving heavily into dividend stocks, the stock market’s traditional defensive play, and one that will naturally increase the return to investors.

We’ve used the TipRanks platform to pull up the details on two of recent buys, positions that he has seen fit to increase by wide margins, and offer dividends yields as much as 8%. Let’s take a closer look.

Arbor Realty Trust (ABR)

We’ll start with Arbor Realty Trust, a mortgage lender operating in the multifamily residence and commercial property market. Arbor works with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, providing direct funding for their loans, as well as financing…


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