Bitcoin Is Finally Breaking. Why That’s Good News for the Stock Market.

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 finally broke below $29,000, a level that it’s been able to hold through 2022, and may be starting to break. That could be good news for the stock market—if it’s a sign of capitulation by investors.

Bitcoin has fallen 6% to $27,661.71, its lowest level since 2021. The cryptocurrency has been trading between $29,000 and $50,000 for much of the year. Stifel’s Barry Bannister sees it as the last speculative asset that needs to fall before the market can find a bottom.

“We monitor several factors which we believe will mark the capitulatory low for stocks,” he wrote. “One on that long list is Bitcoin, a high-powered speculative instrument, which we believe still has downside to about $15,000.”

While Bitcoin could lose half its value, the

S&P 500
probably has only 5% more to fall from Wednesday’s close, or about 3,700, Bannister said. With the S&P 500 down 0.8% early Thursday, that could mean stocks are getting closer to a bottom.

Just don’t tell Bitcoin investors that this is good news.

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