Buy These 2 Small-Cap Stocks to Double Your Investment, Say Analysts

Let’s not beat about the bush too much. At the end of the day every investor wants to see a strong return on their outlay. The stronger, the better.

The thing is, the markets are predicated on a simple equation. Go with the safer bets, i.e. the mega-caps, and you will probably make bank, although less likely to see enormous gains. On the other hand, take a chance on a smaller, less established name and the rewards could be far grander. However, there’s a catch; this is a risky play and you are far more likely to see the investment evaporate when placing a bet on the wrong horse.

This is where Wall Street’s analysts enter the frame; diving into the TipRanks database we have homed in on two small-cap stocks which not only qualify as Strong Buys according to the analyst consensus, but they are also expected to double, or more, in the year ahead. Let’s take a closer look.

AdTheorent Holding (ADTH)

Love it or hate it, the digital world will still run forward on advertising. It’s the essential ingredient that provides the bread and butter of so much digital activity. AdTheorent lives in that digital advertising space. The company, which was founded back in 2012, offers customers a digital media platform that uses machine learning to deliver custom solutions and real-world value to advertisers and marketers.

AdTheorent’s platform uses a combination of several factors to deliver its solutions to customers, including predictive targeting, geo-intelligence, digital/real world cross environmental mapping, and in-house creative content. The company’s customer base populates a series of verticals, including the automotive sector, finance, pharmaceuticals, and retail. In an important detail that has pre-positioned AdTheorent for an emerging trend, the company is privacy-conscious and routinely avoids the use of cookies.

This is just one of many companies that jumped on the SPAC bandwagon last year. AdTheorent went public in December, through a merger with MCAP Acquisition Corporation. The move was approved by MCAP shareholders on December 21, and the ADTH ticker…


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