Crypto market dumps after Ethereum Merge, why? Watch The Market Report

On this week’s “The Market Report” show, Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss why the crypto market is dumping after the Ethereum Merge and why the bears are winning.

To kick things off, we break down the latest news in the markets this week:

Biggest Fed rate hike in 40 years? Five things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin (BTC) faces another week of “huge” macro announcements after the lowest weekly close since July. The main event for the week will be the United States Federal Reserve’s decision on key interest rates. How will the market react after the new rate hikes are announced? Is there hope for a pump, or will we continue this downward trajectory? Is $18,000 Bitcoin going to become the new normal? When can we expect to see the real bottom? We also discuss the U.S. dollar index and Ethereum’s post-Merge blues. There is a lot to unpack here, so make sure you stick around for all the latest information.

Terra co-founder Do Kwon says he’s not “on the run”

Do Kwon didn’t reveal his whereabouts in a series of tweets refuting claims he’d fled Singapore after an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday. What will be the final outcome of this whole fiasco? Is it possible for all parties involved to come to a conclusion where everyone is content and justice has been served? Have your opinion on the matter heard by letting us know what you think in the comments section of the livestream, and we’ll give you a shoutout live!

$160 million stolen from crypto market maker Wintermute

Wintermute, a cryptocurrency market maker based in the United Kingdom, became the latest victim of decentralized finance hacks, losing approximately $160 million, according to Evgeny Gaevoy, the company’s founder and CEO. Another day, another hack in the world of crypto. We break down all the details for you and keep you informed about what exactly happened so you’re up to date.

Michael Saylor can’t stop: MicroStrategy now holds 130,000 Bitcoin

MicroStrategy now owns 0.62% of all the Bitcoin that will ever be mined. The company’s executive chairman, Michael Saylor, announced that the company bought another…



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