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In another reality, Bill Noble would be just another guy in a suit behind a big desk at the Fed or the SEC, probably murmuring negative incantations like “crypto is bad.”

He’s certainly got the track record for it: JP Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. But that’s Noble in an evil mirror dimension. In our world, he is a true crypto guy, talking to me in a t-shirt with bicycles in the back of the room. He turned from the Dark Side and joined the rebels.

He is known for his popular YouTube podcasts and TV appearances. Currently, he is a senior market analyst at Token Metrics.

Wall Street career

While studying economics (1987–1991) at Rutgers University in New Jersey, he managed to wangle one of only two sought-after internships at the time at JP Morgan’s forex desk on Wall Street. Noble started off when trading technology was primitive and lots of analysis was done by hand on paper. In August 1990, he was put in charge of the desk, while everyone went on holiday, “‘Cos nothing happens in August, let the kid fill in.” Then Iraq invaded Kuwait, and all sorts of craziness broke out in the markets.

John J. Murphy’s Charting Made Easy.

“The price volatility seemed so extreme to me. I had no idea how anyone kept track of this. So, I went to the technical analyst who was attached to the currency unit. I said, ‘I bet everybody comes to you looking for help trying to figure this out.’”

“He goes, ‘Actually, no one does.’ So, he gave me John Murphy’s chart book [Charting Made Easy] and took me out for sushi. And I was off to the races from there using charts.”

During his years of progression through the conventional Wall Street milieu, he became an expert technical analyst, which he combined with writing reports on different markets. During crashes and Black Swan events — like the 1998 implosion of Long Term Capital Management, which nearly cratered the western financial world — Noble was the go-to guy. “I’m like a firefighter: When everybody’s running out of the burning building, I’m running in,” he jokes.

From stocks and bonds to crypto analysis

In 2017, he became…



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