Did rapper YG just flex a $30M Bitcoin stack in his new music video?

Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson, the rapper who goes by the name YG appears to show off a fat $30 million stack of Bitcoin (BTC) in his latest music video.

The reveal appears to either be an eye-watering — but possibly fake — flex, or a crafty bit of product placement, as a cold storage device from crypto wallet provider Ledger is featured prominently in the video. The social team from Ledger was on it immediately too:

We see you! @YG knows how to secure those bags of #bitcoin … not your keys, no your coins.

— Ledger (@Ledger) February 11, 2022

In one of the scenes of the music video for the song titled “Scared Money” featuring J. Cole and Moneybagg Yo, YG is seen holding a Ledger wallet close to a smartphone which has a screen bearing a wallet app with more than $30.6 million worth of BTC in it.

While the image could have easily been faked, rappers are well known for flaunting their wealth and success, especially so in this song which has a theme focused on spending money, investing and wearing half a million dollars worth of jewelry around one’s neck.

YG is quite the BTC proponent, as he has mentioned owning digital gold in multiple other songs such as “Big Bank” from 2018, and also in an interview with RollingStone from mid-2021.

During that interview YG said that he liked the simplicity of hodling crypto as he could invest his money into the asset class without being distracted from his music career. He drew comparisons to the real estate market, where he would have to spend a lot time working and learn to do it successfully.

“I f*ck with Bitcoin. […] I got Ethereum recently and I got Dogecoin recently but I’ve had Bitcoin for about three years. […] Bitcoin came around and it was like ‘what?’ and I can just do it and it turns into that?” he said in reference to the booming price of the asset last year.

In a Reddit post on the r/Bitcoin Reddit community earlier today, users were questioning YG’s mammoth BTC stack, with AvoidMyRange stating that “the chance of all these ending at 0 and the cents ending in .00 is incredibly low. This is obviously fake.”

“It is fake because that…



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