Digital fashion is here to stay

Incredible as it may seem, digital fashion has developed so much that it already needs its own fashion week with all that implies: from the shows and presentations of new collections to public talks and parties with true DJs. The first-ever digital fashion week took place March 23-27 in Decentraland, a decentralized virtual social platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Previously, Jonathan Simkhai presented his collection in Second Life right before New York Fashion Week. After the show, skins of evening outfits could be purchased at NFT to dress up users’ avatars in Second Life.

Decentraland also held the first full-fledged fashion week in history, lasting five days. On the first day, Selfridges launched a store where NFT of the real exposition currently held in London was presented — the future of Victor Vasarely’s work and the influence he had on his contemporary Paco Rabbane called UNIVERSE. Players can purchase NFT dresses as well as Fondation Vasarely artworks.

The second day

During the second day of the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), there were a lot of panel discussions, modeling workshops, interviews, the UNXD Luxury District opening and mini-games. After all, we are in the gaming space. And, perhaps the most significant parts were two shows by Dolce & Gabbana and Philip Plein, as this is the reason why both gamers and fashionistas paid attention to MVFW.

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Decentraland’s graphics immediately prompted questions from many Instagram users who commented on brands’ posts about MVFW. Decentraland was launched in beta in 2017 and many creators questioned the graphic’s quality, working with what they had. Because of the quality, the shows looked ridiculous, forcing brands to only post the images of the skins that could be purchased in-game. For example, Dolce & Gabbana chose cats with glasses and hairstyles as their digital models. Their show was held in a virtual hall with a circular podium and flowers.

Each cat had its own style and…


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