Dr DisRespect unveils NFT game to mixed reaction, FC Barcelona’s first NFT sells for $700K and more…

Gaming YouTube streamer Dr DisRespect unveiled the first sneak peek of his upcoming nonfungible token (NFT) shooter game dubbed Deadrop on Saturday.

The initial reaction has been mixed, however, with some underwhelmed by the game’s lack of polish given that Dr DisRepect boasted in a now-deleted Tweet from June that it “already blows out anything” from the Call of Duty game engine.

User Jonesy_Actual stated the game currently looks “like an arcade shooter at Chuck E Cheese,” while MemeCyptum sarcastically chimed in with: “Dr Disrespect tried making an NFT shooter and it looks like ass? I’m shocked I tell you, absolutely shocked.”

This is Dr. Disrespect’s new NFT shooter called “DEADROP”.

This is the game he said if he took a screenshot, it blows anything from the CoD engine.

He probably meant CoD mobile (which is still a reach) pic.twitter.com/JntaM8Ny5r

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) July 30, 2022

Others have called for patience, however, as the game is still in the early stages of its development and is likely to undergo many changes before the final version is complete.

“Lol this is so early in development yet people still need to hate? At least he is being clear about development, showing each stage as it comes. Just hating on the game for the sake of it clearly,” wrote L1GHTNING96.

Dr DisRespect has more than four million subscribers on YouTube and 2.4 million followers on Twitter. He recently launched what he’s dubbed a triple-A gaming studio called Midnight Society, which has partnered with Polygon Studios to develop gaming NFTs via Polygon’s Ethereum scaling network.

The early footage shows a simplistic first-person shooter-style game with a player running and shooting targets at a gun range.

The new game is expected to use NFTs to give users digital ownership of in-game items and rewards.

According to Midnight Society’s website, it recently sold out all 10,000 tokenized Founders Passes, which included playable avatars for Deadrop. The NFTs also offer early access to the game,…


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