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In Part 1, we detailed three of the different kinds of crypto OGs you might meet at an industry party.

They were: (1) shadowy super coders and/or anon founders, (2) “reputable” and respected OG industry leaders like Vitalik Buterin and Brian Armstrong, and (3) the comeback OGs, who were trying to shake off the stink of a failed project.

This time around, we meet even more categories of crypto OGs, with insight from the insiders most familiar with them.

The “NeoGs” market makers and traders

There are a select few crypto players who joined the game late, yet they rose to prominence to become behemoths in terms of net worth and impact. Usually, these are savvy market makers and traders who are often mistaken for OGs.

Take, for example, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX trading exchange and quant trading firm Alameda Research. Amid the recent crypto collapses, he gained even greater prominence as he stepped in big to provide bailouts and minimize the contagions.

Sam Bankman Fried in a Youtube interview
(Source: The Jax Jones and Martin Warner Show.)

Noobs may mistake SBF as an OG, but he only joined the industry in 2017. Bankman-Fried made his wealth from arbitrage crypto trading, which he leveraged to build his empire.

The 30-year-old is a self-made billionaire who is a regular in legacy financial media, invited to speak at all the top crypto conferences, and one of the default industry representatives weighing in on U.S. congressional hearings. His wardrobe seems to consist exclusively of FTX T-shirts. 

SBF has famously stated that he does not necessarily believe in the future of any cryptocurrency, yet he sees them as attractive opportunities. Bottomline, he is the type who is in it “for the money” (but only for the purposes of altruistic donation at some later stage). 

“I don’t think you can call those who joined in 2017 an OG,” says Darius Sit, founder of successful Singapore-based crypto trading firm QCP Capital, which he also founded that year.

“That’s my definition anyway. I think OGs are…


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