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Coinbase’s Base network has officially launched after spending a few weeks in an “open for builders only” phase. The network is now ready to onboard users, according to an Aug. 9 announcement from the team.

Several Web3 development teams have simultaneously announced that they are releasing apps for Base, and the network’s team has released a schedule of upcoming events to celebrate its launch.

Base is open and Onchain Summer is here

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Our story.

— Base ️ (@BuildOnBase) August 9, 2023

Base initially launched in beta version on Feb. 23. As soon as it was announced, many in the crypto community speculated that it could help to onboard more users into Web3 protocols, thanks to Coinbase’s large user base. The network launched its mainnet version “for builders” on July 13, but the team warned that it wasn’t ready for users yet. On Aug. 9, the network became available for all users.

Here are a few things users can do on Base right now.

Bridge tokens

Users can bridge Ether (ETH) from mainnet to Base using the official Base bridge, which launched a user interface on Aug. 3. On Aug. 9, the cross-chain bridging protocol Wormhole announced it is available on Base.

Swap tokens and provide liquidity

At least two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEXs) have announced they are running on Base, and a third may relaunch soon. Uniswap, one of the first decentralized exchanges on Ethereum, declared their Base version was running on Aug. 7.

Maverick Protocol also announced its Base version on Aug. 8. Maverick claims to provide greater capital efficiency and allow for greater customization than its competitors.

A third DEX on Base, LeetSwap, was previously running during the “builders only” phase but is currently shut down due to an Aug. 1 exploit. The team intends to relaunch the project at some point in the future. LeetSwap claims to be a DEX for “leet…


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