Here’s the scoreboard of crypto ads

Super Bowl commercials have always been an intrinsic part of the annual National Football League (NFL) championship and for business, a fair sign of making it in the real world. This year, however, marked a new milestone for the crypto community as FTX, eToro, and Coinbase debuted crypto ads in Super Bowl 2022.

With rising demand in crypto — recently fueled by nonfungible tokens (NFT), meme tokens and the Metaverse — Super Bowl crypto ads stole the limelight from traditional businesses on social media platforms like Twitter. Let’s gauge into the advertisements and echo the feelings expressed by the community:

Coinbase Super Bowl 2022 commercial

Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the United States, often taking the number 1 spot for being the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store. What appears to be a part of the company’s ongoing “Less talk, more Bitcoin” campaign, Coinbase released a minimalistic commercial sporting basic two-dimensional graphic images.

The Coinbase Super Bowl commercial started off with a Coinbase-themed “C” bouncing around the screen similar to the bouncing DVD logo.


Now that we have your attention we’d like to announce that we’re giving away $15 in BTC to anyone who joins Coinbase by 2/15.

Click below for more info and RT to tell your friends!

Sign up and see terms here →

— Coinbase (@coinbase) February 14, 2022

Shortly after, the letter was replaced with a color-changing QR code, which silently moved across the screen in a similar fashion. The QR code redirected users to Coinbase’s landing page that promoted Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway and sign-up promotions when scanned.

Despite the contrast to traditional, high-production Super Bowl advertisements, Coinbase services crashed temporarily owing to the sudden influx of heavy traffic on its website. Acknowledging the service disruption, a follow-up message on the Coinbase app said:

“Well, that was more popular than we thought. We need a quick time out, but don’t worry. We’ll email you when things are back to normal.”

Coinbase just…



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