How NFTs are making real estate investments more attainable

Analysts continue to view real estate as a secure and lucrative investment based on its history of higher returns, especially when compared to traditional stocks. 

In many ways, stability can be likened to the scarcity principle driving demand. But ultimately, there are only so many plots of land available in the world today unless explorers move beyond Earth’s borders. One more benefit of real estate is passive income since many real estate investors make money through rent payments that provide a steady income stream on top of the property’s value increase. Of course, leveraging a real estate asset makes the investment more attainable, enabling users to expand their holdings even without having enough cash on hand.

Yet, real estate is not the perfect investment for every investor despite these numerous benefits. Unlike other assets which can be purchased incrementally, real estate requires the owner to save a substantial amount of money before placing a down payment. Concerns around down payments are second to the level of risk in holding a property investment, as it cannot be liquidated easily to address an immediate need for cash. Therefore, despite the advantages of investing in this asset class, the barriers are still relatively high compared to other traditional avenues.

Addressing this accessibility gap, land in the metaverse, also known as NFT land, is a rapidly growing sector in which many players are capitalizing on similar opportunities to create, earn passively and grow their wealth without the drawbacks or restrictions imposed in the real world. Some of these examples include the seemingly unlimited opportunities to test an investor’s creativity through bespoke creation of a storefront, home, business, or even entire community tailored to their liking. Of course, all this can be done with the security that comes with blockchain backing, which verifies the authenticity and ownership of each original plot. 

A case can also be made for investors looking to increase their wealth through…


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