How to access Bitcoin network data without advanced IT skills

The Bitcoin network is home to a variety of data that can offer investors, academics and fans useful insights. However, those without significant IT abilities might find it difficult to obtain this data. The good news is that anyone may explore Bitcoin network data without having substantial technical knowledge thanks to the user-friendly tools, platforms and techniques that are readily available. This article will walk you through how to access Bitcoin network data through various mediums.

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Bitcoin Core

The original software client for Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Core, keeps a public record of the complete Bitcoin blockchain. Everyone can download and use the database for free because the program is open-source. A variety of data is available from Bitcoin Core, including transaction history, blocks, addresses and more.

Blockstream Explorer

The popular public database Blockstream Explorer provides free access to Bitcoin data. Blockstream Explorer, created by Blockstream — a pioneer in blockchain technology — offers a simple interface for exploring the blockchain of the Bitcoin network.

Users can use Blockstream Explorer to look for particular transactions, read comprehensive details about blocks, addresses and transactions, and monitor the status of Bitcoin confirmations. A number of features are available, such as transaction history, inputs and outputs, block information and address balances.

Additional features offered by Blockstream Explorer include access to the testnet for development and testing as well as the ability to examine the mempool, which displays the pending transactions awaiting confirmation.

The platform provides a straightforward user interface and extensive data for examining Bitcoin transactions and network activity, and it is made to be usable by both novice and experienced users. Individuals, programmers and researchers frequently utilize it to investigate and research the Bitcoin blockchain.

Cardiff University Bitcoin Database (CUBiD)

Cardiff University Bitcoin Database is a groundbreaking platform that allows users to access…



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