How to earn passive crypto income in a bear market?

The majority of new investors are in the middle of their first crypto winter, during which most digital assets have depreciated by more than 70% from their November 2021 highs. While a bear market is tough for everyone, it can be especially challenging for those who are new to the space and don’t have much experience dealing with market volatility.

That said, there are still opportunities to earn passive income during a bear market — crypto traders just have to know where to look. In this article, we will look at how Wall Street traders persevere and what simple things can be done to make money. Is it time to buy more assets? What are some of the easiest ways to generate cash in a recession? Are there any investment techniques that work during bear markets? What assets to invest in while Bitcoin (BTC) is in a bear market in 2022?

What is a bear market?

In traditional markets, a bear market is described as any time stock prices fall by more than 20% from a previous high. In cryptocurrency, a bear market refers to an extended period of time where prices fall significantly and market confidence plummets.

How long do crypto winters last? While there is no set time period, most people agree that a bear market in cryptocurrency lasts for at least three months. The current crypto winter began in November of 2021 and, as of this writing, shows no signs of abating. So, how long will this bear market last?

This is impossible to say for certain, but based on past trends, it could take a while. The last bear market in cryptocurrency lasted over two years, from 2017 to late 2020. If the current bear market follows a similar timeline, we might be in for a long winter.

More often than not, during a bear market, every asset falls in value with only very brief deviations. Later on, investors spot assets that are selling at bargain prices and purchase them, ending the bear markets for good.

Bear markets are defined by low investor confidence and pessimism. During a bear market, investors tend to ignore any positive news and sell…


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