Insiders Pour Millions Into These 2 Dividend Stocks — Here’s Why You Might Want to Ride Their Coattails

Investors are constantly looking for ways to generate solid returns, after all, that is the whole point of investing. Achieving that goal is easier said than done, however. As with anything, if it were really simple, investors would only have success stories to tell.

That said, there are ways to gain an edge in the market, and one common route is to keep track of insiders’ actions. Insiders are the high-level company officers, Board members, CFOs and COOs, up to CEOs, whose positions give them a close-up knowledge of their firms’ inner workings – and they do trade on that knowledge.

Now, their trades can involve both buying and selling, and what investors need to remember is that insiders only have one reason to buy their own stock – they think it will gain value. It’s as clear a signal as any investor could want.

And when the insiders start spending millions on their stocks, that signal gets even clearer.

That’s what we’re seeing now, using the Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool. Insiders have been pouring millions into two dividend stocks, signaling a strong confidence in their long-term potential.

In fact, these insiders are not the only ones thinking the time is right for loading up. Several Wall Street analysts are also bullish on these equities, further bolstering the case for investment. Let’s take a closer look.

ExxonMobil (XOM)

The first stock we’ll look at is ExxonMobil, a leader among the world’s top ten largest oil companies. With a market cap of $433 billion, Exxon reported revenues in the neighborhood of $390 billion last year.

The company is a major operator in the discovery, production, and delivery of hydrocarbon energy resources, with a diversified portfolio that includes various other essential activities. ExxonMobil is a key supplier of industrial chemicals, and its fuel products are extensively used in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, it’s contributing to the development of new, lightweight plastics used in a multitude of products, from smartphones to airliners.

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