Is Illuvium the first fun crypto RPG video game?

Blockchain games have been quite popular among crypto enthusiasts for a long time because they use cryptocurrency as an in-game tool.

In these kinds of games, blockchain technology is used to secure the absolute ownership of game items, represented by tokens.

For example, by purchasing an in-game nonfungible token (NFT), a player can be sure that he possesses a truly rare item that can be stored and controlled outside the game. This ownership provides a completely new player-driven economy where players can create their own unique content.

However, crypto games are still far from the legacy PC or console games in terms of quality and gameplay, perhaps because the world is still cautious about the blockchain technology itself and is not ready to integrate it into the multi-billion dollar industry. Nevertheless, there has been some progression in this direction.

One of the largest companies in the gaming industry, Ubisoft, announced plans to integrate blockchain tech and nonfungible tokens into games back in 2021, but no further news has been heard so far. The company also invested in Animoca brands, sparking a price spike in the latter’s game tokens.

Illuvium: A typical NFT game?

In the first quarter of 2022 gamers were checking out the beta version of Illuvium, which aims to become the first AAA project among decentralized finance (DeFi) games.

Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game (RPG) built on the Ethereum blockchain. The player starts the game in a crash-landed transport ship in an intergalactic fleet on a dying planet. Because of the accident, the player cannot leave the planet, so they discover mysterious creatures, illuvials, which can be captured in crystal fragments.

Each illuvial has its own properties and creatures are divided into classes and have special abilities. Some illuvials are more common than others. There is a blending mechanism in which they can merge into rarer powerful forms or turn into rarer variations. The creatures are presented in the form of NFTs that can be won in-game or…


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