Is there a future for digital fashion in the Metaverse?

ourtesy of Kat Taylor Cattytay, digital fashion appeared in 2017. However, we began to talk loudly about it only in 2020. It all began five years ago when Kat first made an Instagram post with the caption “Virtual Clothing!!!”

Then, there was a collaboration with Adidas, Off-White, Vetements and Balenciaga. These brands were interested in introducing fashion digitalization even before it blew up in the mass media discourse. Note that the COVID-19 pandemic had yet to happen and people were not stuck at home. Thus, there was no need for digital clothing at all. Nevertheless, it happened and fashion digitalization was predicting the future in the virtual realm.

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Of course, we all have tested virtual clothing in computer games way before Cattytay, but it was far from the fashion. Beggars can’t be choosers, as we say. These were jeans and shirts in the Sims and various armor in Shooters. But, no one could even imagine that in the near future, we would try on brand sneakers in a specially created application or that we would do it even for money, as it happened in March 2021 with the collaboration between Gucci and the Belarussian company Wanna. The first virtual sneakers could be bought in the Gucci application for $12.99 and they could be tried on in Wanna Kiks for $9.00 where, in addition to sneakers, you could purchase them (well, rather take a photo on them) and other accessories.

And, it reasonably raises some questions: Why would anyone want it? Who needs it all? What would you do with it? Digital fashion lovers claim that this is how they save the environment. As some put it: There is no need to buy a real thing for a photo on Instagram. Well, but what’s next? What is the percentage of people who will constantly buy digital things for posts on social networks? Would that be just for fun? Would that be all the time?

There are several probable scenarios. The first one, and the most realistic, is the digital fitting rooms. In order to…


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