Melania Trump drops NFT, Arabian Camels produces NFT film and Whitney Houston keeps selling hits

Catch up on nonfungible token (NFT)-related news this week from restaurants to movies and music. Below is a roundup of stories you don’t want to miss. 

Melania Trump’s eyes become an NFT

Former first lady Melania Trump launched her own NFT platform and dropped her first digital collectible titled “Melania’s Vision,” which will be on sale through the rest of the month.

“Melania’s Vision” is a watercolor art piece by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. The limited-edition digital artwork will be available for 1 SOL ($150) and includes an audio recording from Mrs. Trump. The Melania Trump NFT platform utilizes the Solana blockchain protocol and is powered by Parler, an alternative social media network. 

“Melania’s Vision” NFT by Marc-Antoine Coulon. Source: Melania Trump

A portion of the proceeds from Melania’s NFT collection will go to children in the foster care system and their education, according to the official website. The exact percentage was not revealed. 

Upcoming movie production gets decentralized

The Arabian Camels NFT community first created a collection of 12,012 digital camels living on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, Arabian Camels has partnered with Swapp Protocol to produce a $50 million decentralized feature NFT film called “Antara.” Antara is based on the adventurous life of Antarah Ibn Shaddad, an ancient Arabian knight and poet.

Prospective film distributors can buy up to 50% of the intellectual property rights to “Antara” and pay to distribute the movie in theatres and streaming channels. Swapp allows Arabian Camels to integrate DeFi capabilities into the movie’s production. Swapp’s NFT farming utility will allow Arabian Camel NFT owners to earn passive income on their collectibles.

Alexander Amaratei, the producer of Antara, shared in a statement that his vision was “to create a system to produce films that normally cost in excess of $50M, completely risk free. In addition to eliminating funding risks, this system would allow films to be owned by the fans, the NFT owners.”

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