Mike Tyson loves Solana, Aoki stops show to flaunt NFT, Apple and the ‘AR Verse’

Mike Tyson is living the $DREAM

Boxing icon Mike Tyson stepped into the ring this week after he shared his enthusiasm for Solana and unveiled a partnership with mental-health-focused crypto project TheDreamChain.

In the first round, Tyson — who launched an NFT project on Ethereum via OpenSea last year — tweeted on Thursday that he was a born-again Solana proponent while sharing a screenshot of a new nonfungible token (NFT) he had snapped up from the Catalina Whale Mixer project.

The Solana-based Catalina Whale Mixer NFTs currently have a floor price of 15 SOL ($2,200) each, and Tyson’s NFT depicts a whale version of himself wearing a world championship belt along with his famous face tattoo.

All in on Solana… Just copped a Catalina Whale… pow pow! pic.twitter.com/97voS15B8y

— Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) January 12, 2022

In round two later that day, the 55-year-old tweeted about what appears to be either a partnership or paid celebrity promotion with TheDreamChain. The token’s unusual selling point is that it’s just as difficult and limited to trade as a stock.

“It’s the first of its kind that can only be traded during US stock market hours. Could revolutionize the space and help the mental health of the crypto community.”

According to TheDreamChain’s website, its DREAM token is only available for trade between the standard stock exchange hours of 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, with the idea being that 24/7 trading is causing a mental health crisis among crypto traders.

The project states that it will divert 0.5% of all transaction fees to its own foundation, which will donate funds to mental health charities or use the capital to sign partnerships with non-profit organizations.

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