NFT​.NYC — How the Web3 space is validating the work of digital artists

Following the conclusion of the fourth annual NFT.NYC conference, attendees took the opportunity to reflect upon a week of artistic inspiration, community networking and developer innovation from within the nonfungible token (NFT) space.

A sequel to last year’s popular debut, The Digital Diaspora event on June 19 served as a dedicated exhibition, panel discussion, and fundraiser to amplify the voices and creative talents of artists of color in the NFT space. 

The event was a collaboration between the renowned skyscraper photographer DrifterShoots and youthful rising-star artist Diana Sinclair, in partnership with sponsors MetaMask and Samsung, and was hosted at the Samsung 837 hub in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, New York on Father’s Day and Juneteenth. 

Hosted by Community Manager at MetaMask, Faith Love, panelists included Diana Sinclair, Emonee LaRussa, Andre O’Shea, Elise Swopes, Cory Van Lew and a cameo stage appearance from DrifterShoots.

June 19, known commonly as Juneteenth, is one of the most culturally significant days of the American calendar, marking the historic moment in 1865 when the last African Americans were emancipated from slavery in Galveston, Texas. 

Nowadays, the federal holiday of Juneteenth serves as a poignant reminder to consciously reflect on the atrocities of the past, but it’s also an opportunity to amplify the societal narrative around cultural diversity and representation, as well as celebrate the modern accomplishments of people of color. 

The Digital Diaspora — with “diaspora” referring to the global migration and displacement of people of similar culture or origins — was a celebration of Black culture, aiming to bring “awareness to issues of racism and inequality, while highlighting the beauty of the art birthed from these ever-present struggles,” according to the website. 

“The Digital Diaspora is an art show that celebrates Black culture and the people who design it, elevating voices that often go unheard and giving a platform to those less seen. By…..

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