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A bottle of 52-year-old whisky made at Japan’s famous defunct Karuizawa distillery is being auctioned off as a nonfungible token (NFT).

The starting price for the NFT and bottle of whisky is a dizzying $75,000, or about 62 Ether (ETH). Direct-to-Customer NFT wine and spirits marketplace BlockBar is handling the auction.

To whisky collectors, the ultra-rare bottle of whisky from “The Last Masterpiece” cask made in 1970 is attractive, as there are now only 211 bottles of it left, according to a Tuesday report by Finbold. Now, an NFT collector can bolster their collection with a token that verifies authentic ownership of a bottle.

NFT authenticating a bottle of “The Last Masterpiece” from Kurizawa.

The auction began on Tuesday and will continue until July 18. The artwork for the NFT and the bottle was made especially for the BlockBar auction by calligrapher Sounn Takeda. There has been one bid made on the item so far. 

Old Navy gets bored

American clothing brand Old Navy has issued a new $19.95 t-shirt depicting Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) #7285. Is this a good thing for BAYC?

Some have questioned the association, while others are delighted to see their favorite NFT collection gain widespread recognition in mainstream culture. BAYC owner JBond said in a Friday tweet that, in general, it helps Bored Apes.

I saw arguments on whether a $19.99 @OldNavy shirt with an ape on it hurts or helps bored apes


1) It helps – a licensing example between a major clothing brand & bored ape
2) It helps drive awareness too
3) It doesn’t necessarily hurt official BAYC shirt value. Why?⬇️

— JBond (@jbondwagon) July 15, 2022

According to BAYC creator Yuga Labs’ terms of service, owners have the right to use the image of their BAYC as they please under most circumstances.

Some of the NFT community claimed it was an unauthorized use of the image. However, Old Navy’s product site indicates that the image on the shirt has been licensed, The owner of this BAYC is clearly an enthusiast, as they own six other BAYCs, 11…


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