One NFT per human in existence and the Pixelmon controversy

Dutch artist Dadara and digital rights management platform RAIRtech have developed a collection of 7.9 billion identical nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

The collection, named CryptoGreymen, is on the Polygon (MATIC) Ethereum scaling network. Although each NFT is identical, they will be assigned a serial number of up to 7.9 billion to reflect the number of humans currently estimated to be living on the Earth.

The collection is designed to be a social experiment that Dadara hopes “can rattle the cage of consensual reality and elevate conversation.” He said in an official announcement that the social experiment is simple,

“No one specific NFT is better than another, and because the minting price is widely accessible it will be interesting to see what value each individual CryptoGreyman holder brings.”

In addition to acting as a social experiment, 2,222 CryptoGreymen will be locked in a treasury to be used as educational devices by non-profit Movement on the Ground for refugees who need to learn how to set up a crypto wallet. Movement on the Ground seeks to dignify the acceptance of refugees around the world.

Each item is a pixelated copy of the Greyman which Dadara created in the 1990s.

Dadara’s ‘Greyman’ character

Pixelmon stirs up controversy

Early minters of the Pixelmon NFT collection got hit with a collective case of buyer’s remorse when the project revealed the finalized art for the project over the weekend. 

Each NFT was minted for three Ether (ETH) worth about $2,900 today, but the floor price of the collection on the OpenSea NFT marketplace is currently 0.36 ETH ($1,051) at the time of writing. In total, the project raised about $70 million.

After the launch, there were immediate cries that the project had pulled the rug on investors due to the subpar artistic quality of the pieces in the collection.

So @Pixelmon raised over $70m at 3 ETH per mint just for them to reveal like this. I think it’s fair to say all the buyers were rugged.

Stop supporting cash grab NFT projects……

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