Prada launches new fashion NFT, P2E games witness growth in India

Following its initial foray into the nonfungible token (NFT) space with the Adidas for Prada re-source project in partnership with digital artist Zach Lieberman and SuperRare, iconic fashion brand Prada has now announced its first independent NFT collection accompanying the Prada Timecapsule.

An online event hosted on the first Thursday of every month, Prada Timecapsule has, since December 2019, opened up exclusive access to clothing items on its website for 24 hours. Drop #30 in this series will be coupled with an NFT.

According to Prada, the asset’s design will be “decorated with Cassius Hirst’s signature mask and brain scan designs, both symbolizing unity and togetherness.”

From June 2nd #PradaTimecapsule customers will have the chance to become the first owners of Prada NFT by purchasing a Timecapsule product which also sees #NFT gifted. #Prada also launches #PradaCrypted the brand’s new community server on Discord.

— PRADA (@Prada) May 30, 2022

Some members of the NFT community have criticized Prada’s NFT endeavors, suggesting that the Adidas for Prada re-source project has delivered relatively low utility value since its release. The asset is currently trading on OpenSea for 0.08 Ether (ETH) and has 2,700 owners.

Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra raises $900,000 for Ukraine

After the Ukrainian hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra won the hearts of the world in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy last month, the band decided to auction off their vibrant pink hat and glass microphone trophy awarded from the global ceremony to raise funds to help out amid the Ukrainian conflict.

An NFT depiction of the microphone will be presented to the highest bidder, which turned out to be European cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT, with a highly generous entry of 50 ETH, equivalent to $900,000.

We have no words, but we have 900 000$ for support of Ukraine! Auction is closed, crystal trophy of the Eurovision 2022 go to @whitebit. Congratulations!



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