The crypto world should know about longevity

As the first month of 2022 drew to a close, the internet was abuzz with trend predictions for the year ahead. Bloggers, Twitter influencers and established business moguls alike were, and still are, incredibly excited about the new opportunities afforded by an explosion of innovation in Web3. However, something you may have missed in scrolling pages of celebrity-backed NFT drops or speculations about the metaverse was the launch of a new company called Altos Labs, reportedly backed by Amazon’s former CEO Jeffrey Bezos. 

The language that followed the launch was largely typical of how many mainstream journalists talk about the longevity sector, words like mysterious and secret. I’ve written in earlier articles that there are a lot of misconceptions around the longevity sector, and this new round of headlines seems to confirm this as still accurate.

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I believe there is a lot more to the longevity sector than secret deals featuring the planet’s wealthiest billionaires. The space is ripe with interested investors, groundbreaking discoveries and development opportunities. The message is clear — longevity is here to stay. And for the crypto industry, or a world populated with trend-setting, tech-savvy individuals, the time is now to start getting up to speed on this incredible space.

Longevity deals

While it was wrapped up in mysterious media discourse, the Altos Labs deal was indicative of the high-level interest in the diverse longevity sector. With a reported $3 billion backing on day one, the deal is believed to be the largest biotech deal to date and has attracted the talent to match. The first executive team is composed of globally renowned scientists, CEOs and doctors eager to seek new heights in the science of anti-ageing.

The Altos announcement was reminiscent of Calico Labs, another longevity company announced in 2013 by Google co-founder Larry Page. While the Google spin-off has been subject to inquiries about its productivity, it…


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