Vitalik Buterin becomes NFT, Neopets transitions into non-crypto game and more

Vitalik Buterin portrait from 2014 auctioned as NFT

An image of the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin taken back in 2014, is being auctioned off as a nonfungible token (NFT). The portrait, by Canadian photographer Andrew Miller, was taken before the popular developer became famous.

The NFT sale also celebrates the 10th year since Ethereum was created by sharing a portrait of the Ethereum founder that has not been sold before.

Encadrium studio here in #Montreal is hosting my resplendent print of @VitalikButerin while my reserve 333 ETH auction is underway at
Ongoing until end of July. #nft #ethereum #art #history #portrait

— Andrew Miller (@awesomephoto2) July 6, 2023

Within the image, Buterin is wearing formal wear — a look that the Ethereum founder does not wear regularly. The NFT listing shared the story behind the portrait and how it came to be. 

According to the listing, Miller met Buterin in Toronto before he became famous. Because the photographer believed in the young founder’s vision, he wanted to do something to contribute to giving the young inventor “a stronger public image and marketability.”

However, during the photo shoot for the portrait, Buterin came with his usual get-up, which the listing described as “distressed casual clothing,” noting that the Ethereum co-founder had “no instinct for any formal photos.” Because Miller was unsatisfied with the look, he took off his own striped shirt for Buterin to wear.

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Neopets transitions into a non-crypto game

The creators of the NFT-powered game Neopets Metaverse have recently announced some changes to the project following a shift in leadership. According to the announcement, the team will now focus on a fresh concept dubbed World of Neopets. 

However, the team clarified that the game is not a crypto-based game like Neopets Metaverse. In a blog post, the team wrote:

“The decision has been made to…..

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