‘We saw mainstream adoption for NFT art kicking off in 2021,’ says NFT.NYC co-founder Cameron Bale

For the past three years, NYC.NFT has been the leading annual gathering in the nonfungible token and digital blockchain art world. This year, over 5,500 attendees and 135 sponsors joined debates, talks, workshops and briefings in the namesake event. In an exclusive ask-me-anything session, Cameron Bale, co-founder of NYC.NFT, joined Cointelegraph Markets Pro users to discuss the outlook on the NFT industry. Here’s what Bale had to say.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro User: You had some amazing speakers in NFT.NYC 2021. Can you tell us a bit aboutwhat insights were shared by some of those heavily influential folks?

Cameron Bale: Some people don’t realize it, but 2021 was our 3rd year hosting the event. Hardly anyone knows!! We had 500 attendees in the first year (I think beyond those people, most believe NFTs have only been around a year or so!) Personally, since our first year, I think we knew that many industries, beyond gaming and art, would be disrupted by NFTs. The coolest thing was seeing real-world applications of NFTs within some of those industries.

CT Markets Pro User: Justin Herzig presented a “formula” to value NFTs. Is there such a thing? How can NFT.NYC help projects build a community?

CB: I think that is an excellent idea so long as people don’t treat it as gospel. Certain signals can suggest or help predict the increasing value of a project, such as news stories, the buzz on social, growing community on Discord. People relying on this information and investing money they can’t afford to lose high risk — indicators like Justin presented need to come with a disclaimer, as I’m sure he does!

CT Markets Pro User: Other than art, what are the most critical use cases for NFT?

CB: There are some pretty cool use cases out there. Anyone who joined the space early might recognize these cycles of NFTs penetrating different industries. Art and collectibles came first. In my opinion, this was because they are digestible and relatively easy to understand use cases. Following that, blockchain gaming, and then onto more…


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