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We ask the buidlers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their thoughts on the industry… and throw in a few random zingers to keep them on their toes!


This week, our 6 Questions go to Lili Zhao, director of ecosystem growth at Neo — an open-source blockchain development platform.


The A to Z of Lili Zhao:

Authenticity — easier said than done

Blockchain advocate

Community — Neo has the best!

DAO — fascinating!

Economics — interests me much more now than when I was studying it at university

Falling — never afraid of it because I always bounce back

Game — life is a game, so let’s play

Hot — N3 is hot

Ideas — too many ideas, not enough focus

Job — growing the ecosystem of the Neo blockchain by profession and passion

Key — keep your private key safe

Love — may everyone be blessed with it

Minimalist — a chaotic minimalist wannabe

Neo — an open network for the smart economy

Open source — love it

Polaris — Neo hackathon, register now

Qi — breath, energy and flow

Raison d’etre — if you found it, tell me how?

Spicy food — can’t live without it for more than a week!

Twitter — @Lili_Zurich

Unique — all of us are

Vegetarian — 90% of the time, I am one

Wallet — get a NEO wallet on our website

X — do you have a word suggestion?

Yield — a stable NEO/GAS yield

Zurich-based, zest for life!


1  — Does it matter if we ever figure out who Satoshi really is or was? Why, or why not?

It doesn’t matter at all! The technology Satoshi created and its legacy has lived on and will continue to live on. One of the main appeals of the blockchain ecosystem is its community-driven spirit instead of being about personal glorification. Imagine if someone comes out and is indeed being confirmed as Satoshi Nakamoto. If that person deviates widely in terms of values and ethics from the ones envisioned by many, that may shatter some dreams and faith!

The anonymity of Satoshi has allowed people to have their own version of who they might or should be. The identity, or lack thereof, of Satoshi has been…


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